For the last few weeks, Team Tojo has been working hard on the new summer features. For a limited time only, you will be able to enjoy our assorted sashimi platter on a beautiful ice bowl. Each bowl is hand carved with a set of ice carving tools (including a 21″ hand saw) that has been used by Chef Tojo for the last 38 years! Come visit and enjoy this limited time offer.


Top Left: A label on the tool box with Chef Tojo’s Japanese name and the date (May 19th, 1976). Bottom Left: Chef’s Tojo’s ice carving set. Right:  Tojo’s assorted sashimi platter beautifully plated on the ice bowl.


Chef Tojo’s ice carving set: V-Shaped Chisels, Flat Chisels, Short Handle Flat Chisel, Short Handle V-Shaped Chisel, Canvas roll.